n., abbr. of Intelligence Quotient. The figure that results from taking an IQ test, which is a scientific, accurate, and objective measure of one person's ability to take IQ tests.
"I has a high IQ."
by Shane Killian May 13, 2004
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IQ = Intelligence Quotient
A measurement of a persons logical ability and ability to identify and understand logical patterns. Although much-debated these abilities correlate to a lot of common things, such as proficiency for higher education (an average PhD has an IQ of 125).

The scale was originally based on mental age divided by actual age but is nowadays based on a logarithmic curve which orders IQ by percent (about 2/3rds of the population lies between 85 and 115 and about one in 1000 has 150+). The average is 100.

The importance of IQ should however not be overstated since social skills, personality, work morale and other factors are at least as important in a working environment.
IQ is a good measurement for how much you enjoy brain-fapping.
by eeoid April 19, 2008
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Guy 1: IQ test question #1: Do two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs?
Guy 2: hmmm...... interesting.....
by Goozy November 03, 2005
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A type of glorified short term memory test, psychology and the media, want people to believe is an indicator of one's 'intelligence'. Based on the convenient assumption that intelligence is constant, and that all the worlds problems really only on thinking really hard about a single aspect of a problem, therefore, ignoring the power of (fast) intuitive insights that are based on making distant connections in the mind, and give way to an answer. Even though most real world problems, in history, began with some insight or intuition into a matter. IQ tests are based on a partial model of truth seeking, that ignores elements of experimental and creative thought.
My IQ is 120 (and I haven't done shit in my life to show for it)
by dr. z March 01, 2016
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IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It's a scale that measures your intelligent.

The teachers and school people say I had a low iq when i was younger but now i ok.

I am high functioning , i live at home with my mom, im 36 and I do simple tasks such as dishes and vacuuming for mom.

I was tested at 73 iq. Borderling.
IQ is a test that test for intelligent.
by Mikey Todd Rehmeyer October 30, 2008
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now used in the tech world to mean Image Quality
i wonder which video card has better iq
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
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Of no real importance to anything, except when someone is so off the mark when socialising/ courting/ drinking/ talking/ being in an interview that they quote there own!

This brings immediate clarity to the fact that they are a douchebag ass and most probably still a virgin, although not to the hand!
Burns: "im a genius, no i am, i really am, my IQ is 148"
by Chinky Pk St Lover March 04, 2004
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