The number which rolls out of an IQ test, which measures how well you can take that test and throws out a number saying it's your IQ.
I sure as hell don't have the IQ to understand the above story, i think...
by Frizzly August 18, 2009
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Intelligence Quotient:
(not quota, or quote, or even quilt)
*an intelligence quota, would be a limit on intelligence!!not a measure of it...!!!
Intelligence QUOTIENT(ratio, fractional value, non whole integer, etc...)
-The ratio generated by dividing your intellectual age by your actual age

-the stanford binet IQ test(the real-notOnlineVersion) was an adapted version of an older less acurate European test...

Also the results of the standard test are graphed a long a bell curve, so there is no IQ below 1 or above 200, 100 is by definition the average IQ
-thus the "average person" has an IQ of 100, not below or above, since this value is assigned based on the average score of those who have taken the test....

*Oh and this test is not generally used on adults though, since the general knowledge of 40 year old is pretty much the same as that of a 60 year old, making it usless for people over a certian age...
A certian (self proclaimed) president of this country, whose name rhymes with George W. Bush, has an IQ on high functional side of mental retardation, around 60 or 70, and probably thinks its called an Intelligent Quota...
by Pseudonym, A. May 14, 2004
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It's a psychological concept used to approximate someone's psychometric intelligence, which has been shown to be useful in predicting job Performance and various measures of academic success. The popular, but ancient, method of calculating IQ, or intelligence quotient, was to divide someone's mental age by their actual chronological age. Contemporary methods involve plotting one's relative score on a distribution score, derived from a norming group which is usually stratified by chronological age, which allows individuals of all ages to have their IQ's evaluated.

It's tended to be used as a conversational last resort, which is more typical among those with a IQ worth mentioning, or in some cases, rights to brag. Those mentioning an IQ above 140 are usually easily identified as the classical Braggart; Less then .4% of the population are able to earn an IQ this high on commonly accepted IQ tests.

Also, Communication difficulties and other academic or learning problems doesn't mean that someone MUST HAVE A low IQ, Albert Einstein being the common example. I happen to be another.
My IQ is 145, or at least that's what the graduate psychometrist told me. No really. I'm not making this up. Despite my admonition in the definition, I, this definition's writer, have an IQ above 140.

Like anyone cares though. Haha.

I'm pretty sure that's going to earn a couple of thumbsdown.
by Andrew Wheeler April 19, 2006
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IQ = Intelligence Quotient
A measurement of a persons logical ability and ability to identify and understand logical patterns. Although much-debated these abilities correlate to a lot of common things, such as proficiency for higher education (an average PhD has an IQ of 125).

The scale was originally based on mental age divided by actual age but is nowadays based on a logarithmic curve which orders IQ by percent (about 2/3rds of the population lies between 85 and 115 and about one in 1000 has 150+). The average is 100.

The importance of IQ should however not be overstated since social skills, personality, work morale and other factors are at least as important in a working environment.
IQ is a good measurement for how much you enjoy brain-fapping.
by eeoid April 19, 2008
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n., abbr. of Intelligence Quotient. The figure that results from taking an IQ test, which is a scientific, accurate, and objective measure of one person's ability to take IQ tests.
"I has a high IQ."
by Shane Killian May 13, 2004
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A measure of your intelligence

0-50 Retard

51-70 Idiot

71-90 Under Average

91-110 Average

111-120 Above Average

121-140 Very Smart

141+ Genius
Retard: "My iq is like the biggest number I know, seven!"
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