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Translation : Perverted Bastard

hentai = perverted
yaro = bastard

Sometimes used by female characters in Anime/Manga
to refer to sick perverted men.
Ayame " HENTAI YARO!!!Shine" ~ Tenchu - Kurenai No Hana
by Bari May 28, 2005
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Was born in Las Vegas - Nevada - USA on April 9th, 1974.

168cm and has huge juicy breasts.

Jenna Jameson is one of the hottest women on earth.

Best Movie: Dangerous Tides
Jenna Jameson:
"I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist.
I really think it's important that people know that the women in this industry are empowered.
They run it, man. It's awesome"
by Bari June 04, 2005
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An alien from outer space in the Killer Instinct tournament.
In order to return back to his home planet he must kill Cinder.

His body consists of ice and he can shape his body in any form he wants (Ice-Spear etc.).
Glacius WINS!!!
Glacius uses his Ice powers to defeat his enemies.
by Bari June 21, 2005
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The old guy from Zelda II who lives in a gigantic house (which looks small from the outside) in Ruto.

He is totally useless (only one hint later) and keeps saying " I AM ERROR".

No one knows what this means or why he says that.
Maybe it's his name, Error.
"I AM ERROR" ~ Error in Zelda II
by Bari April 21, 2005
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A chat-programm (I SEEK YOU) where you can instant message people in your list.
People first get an ICQ number
which can be send to others so that they can add you to their buddies list.
Fortunantly, there is an "AUTHORIZE" option ,
so random people can't add you if you don't want it when they found
you through the search option.

The best option is the Invisible Mode:
people can't see your online status,
except if you want them.

You can add them into your visible list. In contrast to that, there is also an Invisible-list.

ICQ makes very unsociable if you talk to many people. It's a real time killer.
Only use it for talking to friends from the realworld.

ICQ will make you unsociable...

BIG(through ICQ):"hey reppuken,let's go to the cinema"
Reppuken :"kk"
by Bari June 19, 2005
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A manga/anime where a 16-years old student solves cases like Sherlock Holmes.
His name is Shinichi Kudo(u) and still goes to school.
One day, after a date with Ran Mori he is witness to a deal by black-coated men and some boss of a company.
One black-coated guy named Vodka notices him and knocks Shinichi down.
Vodka gives him a new developed poison which kills without a trace.
But Shinichi doesn't die and somehow he got turned back into a child !!!
To take cover , he hides at Ran Moris place, whose father Kogoro is also a detective.
Ran doesn't know that it's Shinichi,
since he calls himself Conan Edogawa.

Since then, he puts Kogoro into sleep with his tranq-watch and imitates his voice to solve cases.
Conan can solve any mystery!!!
by Bari June 19, 2005
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