4 definitions by Mitch Tyler

Line from the movie Face Off. Said by Nicholas Cage's character, Castor Troy. It means to perform oral sex on a female for, in this case, hours.
A guy trying to seduce a foxy lady: You know i could eat a peach for hours.
by Mitch Tyler November 22, 2009
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To go unbelievably, violently, anti-semitically, crazy on someone.
Did you see Eric last night at the restaurant? When the waiter messed up his order, it totally looked like he was about to go gibson on him.
by Mitch Tyler July 16, 2010
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It wasn't bro-rape! It was totally brosensual.
by Mitch Tyler October 14, 2010
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A warning given near the end of coitus, usually directed toward a female from a male
Guy having sex with girl: "I'm gonna cum!"
Girl: *Covers face or whatever else she doesn't want the splooge to get on*
by Mitch Tyler September 3, 2009
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