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Possibly one of the most annoying/truthful lines in any porn or hentai. Shouted by anyone who is at their limit during sex, and is so overwhelmed by the intense pleasure that their minds literally backfire, forcing them to shout this due to a lack of words to properly describe what is about to happen.
Guy: Ah, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!
Girl: Already? Man, you suck.
Guy: Yea, but your just as bad as me. in 3-2-1..
by Boltstrike November 10, 2007

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Usually known as children born before the parents are married; Sometimes used to name the many sperm cells after a good fuck; The people that kill Kenny, which includes his friends, death, god (please remember this is South Park), and even himself; anyone who acts far beyond the range of a regular jackass, asshole, or overall ass who gets on your nerves alot, and I do mean ALOT.
-Those Bastards in online games keep stealing all my stuff.
-Damn, The bed is covered in bastards.
by Boltstrike November 10, 2007

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