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1: A custom character that can be created for certain Wii games, which can be saved to the Wiimote.

2: Misspelling of me.
1: I made a sweet new Mii for myself today.

2: What about mii?
by Ruler of the World October 05, 2006
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An avatar or character available on certain Nintendo devices, and now phones, used in specific games and to represent yourself. Sometimes the term can be found in the names of games that include them, such as Miitopia and Miitomo. They first appeared on the Wii, and as if now in 2017 are also present on the 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U.
"I made a mii this morning."
"Your mii is ugly."
by Starfondler December 13, 2017
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The polite form of Mush It In - referring to any act of intercourse following excessive ingestion of alcohol or drugs.
Fuck you bourbon! Who's up for a little M.I.I.?
by Demarke May 23, 2013
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The best avatars. Used in many games, the most common are Wii Sports and Tomodachi Life.
Why must the Mii Maker have only seven hair colors?!
by (◉ᴥ◉) September 18, 2018
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Another way to spell 'my' or 'me'.
yo thiiz izs mii siite
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
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"Mii" is the sacred word for the Mii tribe from Miiatron. They are a large cult that go up to random strangers and shout "MIIIIIII" while making a deformed face, usually the nostrils are are inverted upwards, the cheeks are pushed aside and the eyes start popping out. Their leader, Lord MII MII MOO MII MOO, is the only child left of the previous kind, lord MOO MII. MII MII MOO MII MOO has forty five brothers and twenty three sisters, all with the same name but have a number assigned with it e.g. MII MII MII MOO MIII MOO the THIRD. The Mii's used to live with the Moo's in Miiatron, but there was a dispute between the two tribes which resulted in war, known as the great MII war.
It is spelt "MII" but pronounced as "MEE"
by MII MII MOO MII MOO November 24, 2013
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