1: A custom character that can be created for certain Wii games, which can be saved to the Wiimote.

2: Misspelling of me.
1: I made a sweet new Mii for myself today.

2: What about mii?
by Ruler of the World October 5, 2006
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another way of saying “me”
i love mii some candy
by March 10, 2021
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Another way to spell 'my' or 'me'.
yo thiiz izs mii siite
by DiiKaBaKa January 24, 2004
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An avatar or character available on certain Nintendo devices, and now phones, used in specific games and to represent yourself. Sometimes the term can be found in the names of games that include them, such as Miitopia and Miitomo. They first appeared on the Wii, and as if now in 2017 are also present on the 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U.
"I made a mii this morning."
"Your mii is ugly."
by Starfondler December 13, 2017
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The best avatars. Used in many games, the most common are Wii Sports and Tomodachi Life.
Why must the Mii Maker have only seven hair colors?!
by (◉ᴥ◉) September 18, 2018
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Mildly injure yourself

Said to some one when you are annoyed with them and do not want to tell them to kys or gfy. Basically means to tell some one to stfu or gtfo but in a less harsher way.

*not to be taken seriously, please do not harm your selves*
Jimmy: "can you get your lazy ass up and do something for once?"

Fernando: "MIY Jimmy"
by Sillysally42069 June 21, 2017
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A gorgeous girl, almost angel like. Very funny, silly and all around an amazing person to be around. She has a contagious personality and laugh and is full of life. Every guy has a crush on her and she probably leads them all on but when she likes you she's very loyal. probably an introvert and likes music. She's worth it
"Did you see Miy! She's so hot bro I can't wait to hang with her"
by Luckyduck400 February 24, 2020
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