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what time you take a dump every day. Usually changes every year for some strange reason, but the time you dump is always consistent
Me: ugh, i hate my dump schedule this year, i always have to go at 6:30 AM, and thats when im on the bus.

Friend: that sucks, my dump schedule is right at my lunch break so i have it easy
by palabra up October 13, 2010
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Someone who goes on Facebook and comments on a picture/video but logs off immediately after. These people do this to give the impression that they are so cool and popular that they can only spare a few seconds of their busy day to comment on a mere Facebook picture/video.
Guy 1: Hey, Tony just made a comment on my picture, and it says he wrote it "a few seconds ago", but he's not on Facebook chat.

Guy 2: Wooooow, what a Facebook Ghost.
by palabra up March 6, 2010
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the phrase used by wimps after any type of competition. If they lose the competition (game of COD, fight, wrestle off), they say "wow, i wasn't trying." If they somehow win, they say "wow, i beat you and i wasn't even trying"
Guy 1: Yo i destroyed you in COD. how did you end up with negative 16 deaths?
Guy 2: Yea, and how did that tiny ginger kid beat you up yesterday?
Wimp/Tool: Wow, i wasn't trying, obviously
by palabra up March 6, 2010
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A state dependent on two dying industries, coal and tobacco, that spawned Mitch McConnell and re-elected him 6 times in a row, so that should tell you enough...
Young couple: Let’s move to Kentucky

....said no one ever
by palabra up July 19, 2019
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This hot russian chick on youtube with HUGE boobs. You might have often seen hotforwords while scrolling youtube a thumbnail of a girl with incredible cleavage and huge tits. every person who clicks on her just wants to see her boobs, but they are all sadly dissapointed when she doesnt show them, and just talks about the origins of some english word.

She even knows shes hot though, cuz she puts hot pics in every thumbnail and even obviously slutty pictures in her intro. W/e, im not mad (and neither should u) cuz she'll get smarter when shes ugly and realize all she was was "someone to masturbate to" for a lonely teenager.
Hotforwords: The word boobalicious comes from the latin root 'boba' -

comment 1: tits or GTFO
comment 2: just show us ur tits stupid bitch
comment 3: i wrote this with one hand
by palabra up May 4, 2011
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