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A game that's better than SimCity 2013 (without the disasters, unfortunately).
Fran: "Yo, the new SimCity game was so fucked up."
Sheen: "Yeah, that's why I got Cities: Skylines."
by ShutUpImMe June 06, 2016

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The best racing sim on mobile. Unfortunately, the third game has been getting more ads in order to let players skip its "Free to Play" wait times.
"I feel like a real racer in Real Racing -- aaaand, now I have to watch ads to repair my car quick." -_-
by ShutUpImMe June 04, 2016

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It's something you say when you fuck up something really bad but have fun doing it anyway.
(you just tripped on a football field, and the other team just scored because of your fumble. you laugh at yourself, saying...)

by ShutUpImMe October 22, 2015

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A good place to shop or work if you want to have nightmares as an adult.
TV: "Buy a new Skylanders game and get two free Skylanders, but only if you buy from Toys R Us, where --"

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! *burns TV down*
by ShutUpImMe June 05, 2016

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Literally the only PlayStation game left from the PS1 days.
Tyler: "There's still no new Crash Bandicoot."
Dresher: "We still got Gran Turismo."
by ShutUpImMe June 05, 2016

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1. Road Tarmac
2. The best darn racing game on mobile AND the Apple TV, even if it is a Need for Speed knockoff.
Let's burn some rubber on the Asphalt!
by ShutUpImMe June 05, 2016

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Four words: Crash Bandicoot in Fucklanders
I hate depression.
by ShutUpImMe June 14, 2016

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