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It's something you say when you fuck up something really bad but have fun doing it anyway.
(you just tripped on a football field, and the other team just scored because of your fumble. you laugh at yourself, saying...)

by ShutUpImMe September 5, 2015
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A game that's better than SimCity 2013 (without the disasters, unfortunately).
Fran: "Yo, the new SimCity game was so fucked up."
Sheen: "Yeah, that's why I got Cities: Skylines."
by ShutUpImMe June 6, 2016
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1. Road Tarmac
2. The best darn racing game on mobile AND the Apple TV, even if it is a Need for Speed knockoff.
Let's burn some rubber on the Asphalt!
by ShutUpImMe June 5, 2016
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Literally the only PlayStation game left from the PS1 days.
Tyler: "There's still no new Crash Bandicoot."
Dresher: "We still got Gran Turismo."
by ShutUpImMe June 5, 2016
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A mobile game that actually could've lived up to the standards of a Spyro successor that we should've been getting after the fuckery that's Skylanders and Activision's greed, but NOOOO. Socialpoint seems so stuck up on making the game for themselves and ONLY for themselves! Dragon Land gets the most bs updates that somehow make Ubisoft golden in comparison -- updates that make each episode shorter, updates that move levels to episodes you have to unlock with gems (the bs mobile kind), and updates that force half-day level-up times for when you max out your dragon -- all for the sake of "improvement." I don't know what's worse anymore - Skylanders, the game that fucked up one of PlayStation's rising stars, or this game, the game that could no longer make itself a good Spyro game if it tried.
Spyro: "You done fucked up, Dragon Land. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL FREE, NOT FEEL THE BURN!"
by ShutUpImMe June 7, 2016
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A good place to shop or work if you want to have nightmares as an adult.
TV: "Buy a new Skylanders game and get two free Skylanders, but only if you buy from Toys R Us, where --"

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! *burns TV down*
by ShutUpImMe June 5, 2016
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