A phrasing technique originating in Palo Alto, California, which states an obscene preference to something the speaker wishes to avoid.
Chris: Hey, want to go to the unaccompanied sax concert? I hear the performer is pretty casj.

Julian: I would rather eat a sack of writhing gerbils than do that.
by Hombre3000 March 3, 2010
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An insult that just shows you utterly hate something, or someone.
I would rather have my testicles and penis ripped out, have remote mines placed in the newly formed holes in my genital regions, and have the mines detonated than spend the rest of my life in Alabama.
by dj gs68 July 19, 2003
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The greatest sarcastic response to any stupid request. Its meant to make people think for a second and then say "well obviously you would". This is my favorite thing to say when my mom asks me to take out the trash. abbreviated: IWRGMDS
example 1
Sy: Yo Ziggy we should start taking yoga classes together.
Ziggy: I would rather get my dick sucked.
example 2
Ziggy: Sy can you help me shave my ass crack?
by GarAssNigga November 8, 2018
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When someone would like you to go, do or attend something you rather wouldn't.
Friend: hey do you wanna go for a Nandos?
Me: I would rather shit on my hands and clap.
by Drbigman April 26, 2016
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A very good phrase to use when you dont want to do something
Person one: Hey will you go out with me?

Person two: Ummm well to be quite honest with you i would rather eat my own toe!
by Tom Griffiths February 24, 2008
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