A South African (not fucking British) fast food chain that makes the best Portuguese style chicken your anus has ever experienced (WARNING: can be "a little" spicy)
by Tyzza May 26, 2015
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Best fast food chicken in the world. Beware peri-peri addiction
Man I need nandos bad, I got the shakes man...cmon just a bit GIVE ME SOME GOD DAMN FUCKING MONEY I NEED SPICY CHICKEN
by Neurotoxin May 22, 2006
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A derogatory slang term used to describe a person of Portuguese decadence, as everybody assumes the only two things to come out of Portugal are Cristiano Ronaldo and the amazing fast food store 'Nandos'.
Guy 1: Man, school was such a drainer.
Guy 2: Shut up Nandos!
by Pr3tzals July 26, 2011
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A British chain of restaurants that serve portuguese food.

Due to a recent surge in popularity it has become a plebeian feeding ground where the unwashed, uncultured masses swarm to eat overpriced, faux foreign cuisine that makes them feel as though they are sophisticated despite proving to the rest of the world that they are the exact opposite. Customers at Nandos are most often simpletons who also enjoy such shallow pleasures as The Chart Show on Radio 1, The X Factor and shopping at Primark.

The Clientele of Nandos are in most cases quite unclean and if they do have a job, it's usually a low paying one. The food itself isn't of a particularly high quality, which is the reasoning behind it's nickname "posh KFC". It ought to be noted however, that Nandos is in no way posh, and the nickname " ever so slightly less scummy KFC" would be better suited.
Poverton 1 - "Eeeyah, we should go to Nandos cuz they do well nice peri peri chicken there cuz it's a proper fancy restaurant where you sit down and eat with knives and forks like."
Poverton 2 - "yeah, nice one, and after we can buy a pair of TOMS and some chinos from River Island, and then i'll collect my benefits and fanny shit out another 3 children who will also be poor and eat Nandos just like me."
by J Mangum October 02, 2011
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A restaurant chain serving primarily chicken.

Typical customers are chavs or the jobless (students).

Very overrated, depending which chain you go to. You can expect a 10 to 15 minute wait at a busier branch for a table to become free. Whilst waiting you can watch some of the people who are currently occupying the tables play on there phones and upload pictures to instagram of the food they have just ordered and finished eating (20 minutes ago)

After you have patiently waited for them to finish uploading selfies of themselves and leave, a member of staff (usually late teens/early twenties with a mixture of lifelessness & regret in their eyes) will usher you to a table.

Once you have sat at your table and read the menu. You will then have to queue up for a second time to order your food. (Up to 10 minutes in the busier branches). Whilst ordering you will be given a empty plastic cup which will be filled (by yourself) at the drinks machine.

After you have sat back at your table and had a conversation with your fellow diners about how you should of just gone to KFC, your food will arrive.

Once you have eaten your food you can leave, feeling slightly full and a deep feeling of regret. Oh they have the cheek to include a service charge on the bill. Despite them literally only passing you the plate, you have physically got your drinks cutlery and sauces yourself. Enjoy!
" Let's go for a cheeeeky nandos!"

" I need bare scran yano! Nandos?"
by Just Joe September 18, 2016
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"Portuguese" Restaurant that cant even spell its main dish. Its Piri Piri not Peri Peri...
They serve things that they dont even know exist.
Although it is a very nice restaurant and I the food is great they need to improve on their Portuguese-ness.
One lunch time at Nandos:
Customer: Can I have a Galao please?
Waitress: A what?
Customer: A Galao.. its on the menu right infront of you.
Waitress: Oh right erm yea ok.

10 minutes later

Waitress comes over to table with the drink: Heres your Galileo!
by .A.J. March 03, 2007
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A meeting place for influential roadmen(criminals)
Oi bruv u wanna go Nando’s

Ye of course blud
by Simon is butters 69 April 14, 2019
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