Ziggy is a name for people that are amazing. Ziggies also talk to much. Ziggies tend to be abnormally strange. Some Ziggies are really cool though.
Ziggy is so weird, but he's totally my best friend.
by cheezburgerz November 2, 2010
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Ziggy is a name for very nice people. He is kind, compassionate, caring, loving, and cool. He is the guy that ,even though he isn't super physically attractive, all of the girls seem to fall for. He is funny and likes to make jokes. His eyes are his best physical feature, they are big and you don't want to look away. He is very defensive and doesn't like to admit that he is wrong. He does well in school and is ecpecially good at math and literacy. Ziggy can be hard to understand, but loves to talk. Sometimes Ziggy has trouble following peoples personal boundaries and doesn't always realize when he's crossed the line.
Hey look! It's Ziggy, he's so cool.
by Kelp Muncher May 10, 2017
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Used in refrence to a big spliff
Bob Marley nicknamed his son Nesta, Ziggy, in refrence to a big Spliff
by ChunkyLover 53 August 1, 2006
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You know when you pop a boner in class? Yeah, that, don't lie, it happens. When you get one, just casually mention that you have a Ziggy, everyone will know exactly what you mean.
Mr. Santana: William what is the matter?
William: I kinda have a ziggy.

Mr. Santana: Ah...
by L3git_5ki11S May 25, 2010
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Ziggy is a wonderful person. They are also crazy wonderful and they do not conform to ANY SOCIAL NORMS... AT ALL. They are a constant patron of every thrift store in town and start rambling about how society sucks if you don't interrupt.

They will causally brush off crazy ass events that wouldn't happen to anyone else.
Ultimately the best friend you can have unless you want someone basic.
Me: So how was your day?
Ziggy: Oh well it was good, *spider falls on table* GOD DAMN IT THATS THE 3rd TIME TODAY A SPIDER FELL OUT OF MY HAIR!
Me: Gosh dang, you are so Ziggy, *hugs*


*Person in a oversized 19th century dress, mohawk, and crazy makeup walks down the street*
by YeahPleaseNo March 6, 2020
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Sharing the first name with the best space martian who ever lived, anybody with this name is instantly better than you at video games.
"Hey Ziggy stop mic spamming"
by mdziggy February 16, 2009
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