A person who tends to be vapid, biased, and doesn’t tell the true definitions of the words. Rather, they just say whatever they want to. See, literally any politically related definitions on this website.
John: I wonder what Libertarian means

Urban Dictionary User: They are stupid assholes, unintelligent shits, and big fat poopy heads! How dare they disagree with me! No real definition of what the word actually means for anyone! Here is a 10 paragraph essay on why I am a whiny bitch who can’t handle other ideas!
John: Typical Urban Dictionary User! This is why nobody likes you!
by Noshit2547 May 7, 2020
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People who like to make everything sexual. You could be looking up what "cow" means, and then there's a sick definition that says "a way for four people to have sex". What the hell?
by MINION TAMPONS? June 15, 2021
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People who go to urban dictionary in order to add their name and compliment themselves. Usually have awful grammar and probably in highschool.
I'm an urban dictionary user so I like to go to urban dictionary and talk about how much I drink and how awesome I am because I have low self-esteem and want to pretend there's an audience of anonymous people who give a shit about me. Also sometimes write about people I like because I'm too shy to talk to them.

Seriously, go to vote here and you'll see a thousand of these.
by kr1sp December 17, 2016
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1. Sicko sex addict (50%)
2. Asshole douchebag (45%)
3. Someone like me who just likes putting weird stuff out there please don't judge (4%)
4. Someone who actually wants to help people (1%)
MOST urban dictionary users sucks, some are actually nice, and some, like me, are just weird.
by mr electric is god February 24, 2022
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You are a user that somehow stumbled upon this definition, you may or may not approve it. These people are the most brutally honest people when it comes to the internet. To the person reading this definition, this is you, this is all of us.
''Are you a Urban Dictionary User?''
''Hell yeah.''
by heretoraidanddestroy October 1, 2020
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A person under the age of 14 using cuss words or making sex jokes
Man, what a fucking urban dictionary user. The 10 year old basically runs around yelling sex jokes all day
by Kbst May 22, 2018
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