1. A town where even the homeless have laptops
2. A tree in said town.
A one room shack in Palo Alto would cost a million dollars.
by fzh October 10, 2004
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1. Uber rich California town that made it's zillions from the tech boom of the 80's. Went down a bit after the tech market crashed, but the residents are still far from poor.

2. A kickass song by Radiohead, probably about the same town.
1. An outhose in Palo Alto would probably cost more than the house you live in.

2. "In a city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate. Meet the boss, meet the wife. Everybody's happy, everyone is made for life."- Radiohead
by Mikal K March 14, 2005
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Spanish "Tall Tree", a city in Western California by San Francisco. Palo Alto is home to many intelligent and not always, rich people. Palo Alto is home to Stanford University and many multi-million dollar computer companies. Palo Alto is bahsed by po folks who are fucking jealous of it.
I don't live in Palo Alto, but I sure would like to.
by Yucca Plant September 8, 2005
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Rich Bay Area city, close to stanford. Everyone drives a Range Rover or a Benz. Everyone lives in a 2 story mansion. Every nieghborhood is upper class except for Greer Park. It is filled with over crowded low income apartments. I live by Greer and just driving by Greer Park I have seen boys who looked no older than 14 standing on the corners selling drugs. They wear those t-shirts that hang past their knees, possibly trying to conceal weapons, a lot of gang activity. Other than Greer Park, Palo Alto is a nice city.
Palo Alto is very wealthy , just avoid the Greer Park nieghborhood
by Starkesha June 17, 2008
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A lot of these definitions talk about how Palo Alto is rich, and how it's filled with ex-hippies turned Republican, and all that is true. What none of them mention, and what might be the very worst thing about the town, is its banality. Everything - from the style of the buildings, to the cars people drive, to the the clothes they wear, to the food they eat, and even the ideals they hold - is overpriced and bland, more show than substance. There's no art scene, nor even any venues for live music. Both Palo Alto and its sister institution, Stanford, have long made their bread by whoring themselves out to the federal government, doing R&D for defense and intelligence agencies. That's why all the hippies worth their salt left even before they got priced out of the place, and that is what people mean when they say, "Shallow Alto."
At least the CIA turned Ken Kesey onto acid while he was at Stanford, but I don't think Palo Alto can take the credit for that.
by celestius November 24, 2010
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A: Damn, I wish I was as cool as the Palo Alto kids. Plus, the East Meadow gang is so chill. They do it HARDCORE. I'm so jealous.

B: Well, I'm from Palo Alto.....

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A town located in northern California about 2 hours away from San Francisco. It is stereotyped as a rich white neighborhood- because Jame Franco and other famous people were born there. Its two high schools are Paly (northern) and Gunn(southern). Do not be fooled by what people say, there are many ratty parts and homeless people wandering University ave. Watch out!
"Hey man nice car where do work?
Palo Alto.
Oh... that explains a lot"
by 2014paly November 23, 2010
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