Term used to induce fear, hopelessness, and unconfert.

Usually used at partys by the really drunk guy.
can be taken two way funny or vary offencive.
Person 1: hey man can you go get me a beer?
Person 2: HEY "I WILL FUCK YOU"!!!!!
by Walter Fishington September 24, 2010
Saying "I will fuck you with that" means I Fuck with that. You will do something with someone. You mess with or are down with something a lot.
That blunt of Sour OG , I will fuck you with that.
by Faster Than Light January 29, 2020
means the person saying it plans to seriously injure or kill the person it is said too
Tom: Hey, dude, you want to fight? Hit me!
Bill: Man, You should walk away! I have a black belt in karate. I will fuck you up!
by noladoc April 27, 2014
An exclamation of affection, usually directed at a loved one, that expresses one's desire to forcefully insert a rake into another's sex organs.
by Muhammad Hassan August 6, 2008
Fall in love with you

Unleash all my love on you

Cuddle you for hours

Keep your heart safe
by hellyeahfuckthis October 26, 2020
text u ain't ever gonna send
1: i wanna fuck you maria
2: wtf im ur sister
1: sorry i sneezed and my dog ate my homework so i freaked out and hit send by mistake lol
by comfybat September 7, 2020
I literally just engaged in sexual intercourse with you, but it was over so soon, you didn't enjoy it. Sorry.
Sorry, I just fucked you up. I'll do better next time. I promise.
by SadPancakes May 16, 2015