Term used to induce fear, hopelessness, and unconfert.

Usually used at partys by the really drunk guy.
can be taken two way funny or vary offencive.
Person 1: hey man can you go get me a beer?
Person 2: HEY "I WILL FUCK YOU"!!!!!
by Walter Fishington September 24, 2010
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Saying "I will fuck you with that" means I Fuck with that. You will do something with someone. You mess with or are down with something a lot.
That blunt of Sour OG , I will fuck you with that.
by Faster Than Light January 29, 2020
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means the person saying it plans to seriously injure or kill the person it is said too
Tom: Hey, dude, you want to fight? Hit me!
Bill: Man, You should walk away! I have a black belt in karate. I will fuck you up!
by noladoc April 27, 2014
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An exclamation of affection, usually directed at a loved one, that expresses one's desire to forcefully insert a rake into another's sex organs.
by Muhammad Hassan August 6, 2008
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Fall in love with you

Unleash all my love on you

Cuddle you for hours

Keep your heart safe
by hellyeahfuckthis October 26, 2020
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text u ain't ever gonna send
1: i wanna fuck you maria
2: wtf im ur sister
1: sorry i sneezed and my dog ate my homework so i freaked out and hit send by mistake lol
by comfybat September 7, 2020
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I literally just engaged in sexual intercourse with you, but it was over so soon, you didn't enjoy it. Sorry.
Sorry, I just fucked you up. I'll do better next time. I promise.
by SadPancakes May 16, 2015
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