1.when a moment or event breaks ones spirit or ones ability to function 2. a feeling associated with helplessness and/or loss. 3. Sadness in clinical proportions.
"The once gentle, animated eyes, now looked hollow with hopelessness."
by H. Elper April 12, 2007
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1. Someone who survived an abortion.
2. Someone who's father hates him.
3. Someone on the Clan mAc Forums
4. All of the above.
Person A "The word penis is so funny!!!!one!"
Person B "... stfu you're like the hopelessnes guy on clan mAc"
Person A ":("
Person C "That was low dude"
Person B "Yeah you're right I'm sorry. :("
by crt3k March 17, 2004
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The moment when you realise that everything in your world is wrong, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
Brandy:"Dude. I am just overcome with hopelessness."
Brandy:"I watched MTV yesterday. *shudders*"
Cooper:"You've been inside for four months!"
Cody:"It's all so hopeless"
Cooper:"How the hell does moping fix that??"
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When you try to say something, and you cannot find the right words to say.

When you try to say something, and words are stubbornly hidden, do not want to come out.

Misunderstanding, you are afraid of.
Afraid of being accused of having ulterior motives or bad intentions.

It's hard, really hard..
Because you are a very kind-hearted person..by nature.

When you try to do something, and everything goes against you.

Prevent you from achieving accomplishment in every possible way.

When you try to do something, and everything just goes out of scope.

When you try over and over again, and things don't go as planned.

When you walk in the dark, and darkness is all you see.

When you are so straightforward and do not like ambiguity, you realize " it is not as same as me."

You feel hopeless, sometimes.
You want to give up.
Give in.
Stop trying.
Que Sera Sera.
Hasta La Vista, maybe?

I just want to be so kind.
Delightful life I seek.
Sorrow, distress, tiredness.
None of it ...we truly need.
Feel so hopeless to find a good friend who is there for you. Friends.. it has an end. They part away to start their own lives. Friends...one goes East and one goes West.. Guess what, those friends never meet again..
by JVeverMind October 8, 2021
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hopeless (Australia)

A person that is incapable of doing their job, dishonouring their given word whilst simultaneously failing to do their job.
Example: "The case officers at the Department of Immigration are hopeless."
by DownUnderMan August 7, 2017
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the epitome of watching someone die and being able to do nothing to stop it
Standing beside the gravestone before the wake, hopelessness enveloped her, the feeling that precedes grief.
by Lacey44 September 30, 2008
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