an un-common word used in any insult unlike ur mom.
ex: "hey Jimmy i ate 12 big macs for supper last night"
Bob "well i ate ur sister last night"
by ttttoday junior February 19, 2019
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just like saying ur mom except for a sister as indicated in title
boy 1:u kno who i screwed last night?
boy 2:UR SISTER!!
boy 1:hey, that was mean :(
by c00kie monsta September 3, 2006
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Ur sister a sibling that is your brother just a girl.
Person A: i had fun our sleepover last night.
Person B: i had fun with ur sister last night.
by Happyhappy_cupcake40 June 24, 2018
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Ur sister is ur moms daughter.
Me:Dad do I have a sister
Dad:Ur sister
by B/4h December 14, 2019
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The ultimate form of the worst words to be used, even greater than "ur mom gay";"ur dad lesbian";"ur granny tranny" and "ur grandpap a trap". Those words can hurt a person emotionally,physically and psychologically.
David: ur mom gay lol
Frank: no u
David: ur dad lesbian
Frank: ur granny tranny
David: ur grandpap a trap
Frank: ur sister a mister
David: *explodes into oblivion and his soul is being eaten by minecraft youtubers*
by urmom_gay_slayer_no_u_xddd March 14, 2018
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