Literally the coolest guy ever. Everyone wants to be him, and he pulls all of the girls. He is the sweetest, cutest, funniest guy in the entire world. Every girl in the world would have a crush on him if she knew him. All in all, if you know a guy named Hyrum you will have a crush on him. For sure. Hyrum is the best name out there. Not only is he hot, cute and lovable, he is also the sweetest guy ever. He helps you out with everything and is super modest. He is super humble too. Everyone wants to be like him, but he doesn't even realize it. He is the most perfect human being on the planet now, and will be for ever.
He's named Hyrum? Wow he's so cuteee. Can I have his number?
by blue10 October 7, 2021
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A sweet, funny, mormon boy, probably from utah
Girl #1: Hey, there's a new guy in my class named Hyrum!
Girl #2: Lemme guess, he's a mormon?
by blah.blah.girl December 2, 2014
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the relationship between spongebob and squidward, spongebob being the hyrum.

When a person thinks you are their best friend, but you do not like them back
That kid Ben is hyruming me, I need it to stop
by TheSugarGlider May 15, 2017
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A funny guy but can have a serious attitude depends on the situation. A lovable one and a caring. All in all, a peculiar human being. The only thing is that he can be a mysterious guy sometimes, you do not know if he's going through something or if he's sad or what. He has the ability to say funny things and see the funny side of things. Loves to work out. This person has a lot of wisdom. If you'll met a person named Hyrum, you better keep that person.
by msxoxo June 8, 2021
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An incredible martial artist greater than the likes of Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Junior dos santos combined.
"he fights like a Hyrum"
"dude you just knocked that guy out Hyrum-style"
by Hyrumantis January 14, 2012
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A boy who finds smoking pot cool. He usually spends his time skating. He tends to date easy girls and will ignore his girlfriend if she doesn't wish to make out with him in the movie theater. Has a tendency to subconsciously make one want him back, even if the female is the one who ended the relationship.
Girl: "He's fucking stupid for thinking pot is cool... but I still love him."
Girl's friend: "He's such a Hyrum..."
by A Pity I Love You June 13, 2010
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