A queen, but won't admit it. If you call him a queen he may throw his pink hairbrush at the floor, sits sulking ALL the time and has an unhealthy and quite honestly DISGUSTING obsesssion with his own manhood.
Last night Jon Jones got called a dick head, after a rather large diva tantrum, which involved sitting on the kitchen floor claiming to have claustrophobia, he went and sat in the snow sulking for 2 hours in his pyjamas. That's a real Jon Jones.
by ram ram ram3 January 1, 2009
Hey, it's only a picogram, that's like a pinch of ssalt in an olympic swimming pool, that's not cheating! - "a Jon Jones fan, probably."
by thatdude283 December 30, 2019
Jon Jones Juice - a nice glass of ‘you won’t do shit ,sprinkled with the finest steroid game with overtones of Coke,hit and run pretending you’re decent.
Why is he being such a cunt?

He’s had some triple J
Jon Jones juice ?
Is that why he’s hiding under the octogon from USADA?
by Poojinky December 28, 2018
The greatest force the octagon has ever seen. Known for his vicious strikes and world-class greco-roman, Bones has become a superstar in the sport of mixed martial arts.
Me: Yo Ale, who's gonna win the big fight tomorrow ?
Ale: Jon Bones Jones Fo Shoo !
by BlankMan187 March 18, 2011