Hydrocodone is a semi synthetic opioid generally used to treat moderate to severe pain when used medically. It is a schedule III (C-III) narcotic in the Controlled Substance Act in the United States of America meaning it has a moderate abuse potential, unlike C-II or C-I drugs which have much higher abuse potential.

When used recreationally, hydrocodone produces effects very similar to morphine, heroin, and oxycodone. Intensity is slightly lower than morphine or heroin because these two drugs are generally administered intravenously.

Contrary to popular belief, hydrocodone is actually a very addictive drug when misused. When used under medical settings exactly as prescibed, most users of hydrocodone do not become addicted to the drug. But many other people can go doctor shopping to obtain this drug and use it for their own recreational use.

When people withdrawal from this drug whether they are addicted or just dependent(dependence just means the user's body responds negatively to the absense of the drug, but not necessarily addicted) on it, the person will be overcome by a feeling of a bad case of the flu, unless the person seeks methadone or buprenorphine replacement therapy. Withdrawal symptoms generally include, insomnia, shakes, chills, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, restless leg syndrome, and goosebumps. Withdrawal symptoms begin shortly before the next dosing time, and continue for 72 hours, increasing in intensity, then after the 72 hour peak, the symptoms drastically recede. Usually after a week, all physical withdrawal symptoms end. Usually, an addicted person who was using the drug for recreational purposes only, will have a protracted phase of withdrawal that is only psychological which can last around 6 months. During these 6 months, the ex-user will feel compelled to use the drug again, talk about the drug a lot, and have a strong desire to use, despite the fact they have no physical withdrawal symptoms. Usually after 6 months of abstinence from hydrocodone, the user will have almost no phsychological withdrawal symptoms.
I was prescribed 80 hydrocodone (10mg hydrocodone/ 650mg acetaminophen)with 3 refills to help with post operative surgery. I used it every once in a while, for a month until I got my cast off my arm. Then a few months later I took one for a headache. I really liked the feeling so I just started taking one every day, then I started taking it twice a day, and then I upped my dose. I obtained all the refills from the pharmacy without any questions.

This is the point in which I was addicted. I started stealing pills, buying them off the street, because if I didn't have them, I would be in the worst pain of my life. I did this for about a year until I was taking about 18 of these pills at a time. I thought I was dying the last time I used because I puked a river. So I went through the withdrawal which was hell.

Today I still feel a desire to use the drug, despite the fact that my liver may be shot, and all the negative things that happened.

I can give you two words of advice, if you are in severe pain and need this drug, use it for your pain. If you are looking to get high, DO NOT use this drug, stick to something like weed.
by TJM91 February 8, 2009
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A chemical derivative of opium that is used in modern day medications for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Because it acts directly on the brain and spinal cord, it most definitely causes a state of euphoria when taken in slightely greater doses (ex.-three tablets instead of one). But, in contrast, it is classified as a narcotic, and therefore can be highly addictive.
(opinion)- I've been around the block a few times, and the only drug for me is hydrocodone. And any relative there of. That shit is frickin' awesome, yo! Er... but is does suck how boring life is when you don't have any. Know what I mean?
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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Generic form of vicodin, used mainly for pain.
Side effects include lasting forever during sex, being damn good at video games and the ability to get wasted with a single alcoholic drink.
I sucked at xbox just smoking a bunch of bud, but as soon as I took a hydrocodone the virtual world was my oyster.
by NumberJonny5 February 18, 2010
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A doctor prescribed pain reliever. When used properly it help takes away the pain you are experiencing, from low moderate pain to severe pain.

When used improperly, for recreational reasons, it treats differently.

Usually used with alcohol or another type of pill being misused like Xanax.

It gives an euphoric sense of feeling when used this way.

Either way people use it, it gets the job done.
dude i have left over hydrocodone , what ya want to mix it with?
by casanova123 November 4, 2010
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pretty fun little pill. its small and white. some are bigger than others but ive only had the kind that are about the size of an advil. if you take them while you drink it makes it a whole lot better. you are just in a really good mood and you seem to get drunk a lot quicker
man i took three hydrocodones last night with some beer and i had a blast.
by SadieSue February 6, 2006
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A synthetic opiod that is both physically and psychologically addictive. Chemically related to Codeine, oxycodone (oxycontin, percodan, percocet) and Heroin. Found in prescription pain medications like Lortab and Vicodin, usually mixed with APAP which is toxic to your liver in high doses (if you are going to take Vicodin for fun, do a coldwater extraction on the pills to get the APAP out).
Hydrocodone fucks up you up.
by J June 26, 2003
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