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A vocal game invented by... er, sorry. I sort of forgot. But its played by ending everthing you say with the words "In My Pants". When a person playing the game fails to do this, said person is then punished physically and severely (ex.- caning, ass-whupin', socked in da' gut, etc). The game ends when the time limit (if any is agreed upon) is over. ... Or just when everone gets tired of it.
Kid #1: Hey, how's it going "In My Pants"?
Kid #2: Pretty shitty "In My Pants".
Kid #3: That sucks "In My Pants".
Kid #4: ... This is pretty stupid.
Kid #1-3: GET HIM!!!
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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The helicopter is a very difficult (and awkward, don't forget awkward) but fulfilling sexual position. It is performed by the man who, while fully erect and inside the woman (... or whatever.), proceeds to turn his entire body in a circle around the woman. All the while turning his penis inside the woman's vagina (... or whatever.).
J.R.- The tricky part is making sure your member doesn't 'pop' out while you're doing this. ... And to keep from laughing. Otherwise its great.
by Supermanchild January 4, 2004
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1. A term used mainly to describe a person's personality. Usually in that said person has what would be considered a very pessamistic outlook on innumerable parts of society, people, and their life in general. Can also mean that they have unnatural desires (see sexy loser, phsycho-tic, etc.) which would alienate them from peers. Or, in contrast, have an overly optimistic and genuinely naive point of view.
2. The fourth album by the band Korn.
Kid #1: "God fucking-dammnit, Jean-Rene'! Is there anything or anyone you don't like?! I swear, you've got some kinda' Care Bear(tm) issues!"
J.R.: "Um... er, I don't like 'the Man'. How's that?"
2. (opinion) ... I sure do like that band Korn.
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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1.A deraugatory term geared towards men exclaming that they have a premature ejaculation problem.
2. Someone who particularly likes consensual defication on their own bodies.
1. Go shit yourself, fuck hydrant!
2. Daaayyy-mmmmn! That girl is seriously some kinda fuck hydrant.
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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A reputable actor, Karl Urban just recently made his big acting debut with his appearances in "The Lord of the Rings" films for his role as Eomer. Though having already been in a number of television ("White Fang", "Homeword Bound") and theatre ("Julius Ceasar") performances, his only recognizable roles would be that of the television series "Zena: Warrior Princess" for his roles as Cupid and Ceasar.
Kid #2: "Where do you come up with this stuff?"
J.R.: "From the official Karl Urban website, of course! Man, he is soooo dreamy!"
Kid #2: "Dude, are you gay?"
J.R.: "Well, maybe just a little. But we're all a little gay."
Kid #1: "You said it, Jer!"
Kid #2: "... God dammnit."

{foot-note} The pronunciation mark for the name Eomer goes above the first 'E'. My bad.
by Supermanchild January 4, 2004
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(the street def.)- Krazy Fucking Charlie's
I'm going to work at Krazy Fucking Charlies!
(J.R.- Hey, I writes 'em as I sees 'em.)
by Supermanchild January 4, 2004
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An esteemed branch of mercenaries often unheralded because of their allegiance with France (a country that has never heard the end of the military failure known as World War II) and their generally private ventures. Though still quite trustworthy and considered by many countries as the most effiecient military force in the world.
All those joining the Foriegn Legion break all bonds to their former lives and take up a new fellowship with fellow Legionnaires.
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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