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Lortab is brand name for a painkiller combining hydrocodone (a narcotic) and acetaminophen. Lortab come in three strengths of hydrocodone 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg. All lortab contain 500mg apap. Brand-name Lortab are manufactured by UCB Pharmacy, generic lortabs are available. Lortab, like all hydrocodone/apap combos (vicodin, lorcet and norco are a few others) Lortab is a schedule II controlled substance, making possession w/o a prescription illegal. A lortab can be snorted or taken orally. Snorting it will make the effects happen faster but burns like hell. When taken orally it should be chewed. Lortabs will fuck you up, and are easily hidden. What more could you ask for.
Lortabs are fucking awsome!
by Drug Lord August 19, 2006
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Lortab is the brand name for the drug combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It's classified as a schedule II narcotic. Lortabs are badass and i suggest taking them whenever possible.
Tim: "My grandma's really sick, let's go raid her pills."
Matt: "Hell yeah!"
Tim: "Looks like she's got some lortab 7.5's"
Matt: "That'll work, give me three"
by billlikepill July 04, 2006
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The most vile thing ever created. All of these people who say tabs are so great are ignorant. If you don't think im right try some for yourself and then get back to me a few years down the road when you're hopping aboard the H train or if you TRY and quit then you get to experience the wonderful world of withdrawal HAH have fun with that because I know I didn't.
person 1: hey man you want a few tabbers?
person 2: hell no!!!

by fly guy 80 November 03, 2010
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a powerful narcotic with hydrocodone and acetaminophen. lortabs come in different quantitties: 2.5/500 , 5/500, 7.5/500
The 500 stands for the 500 mg of acetaminophen (or Tylenol) in each pill
the other numbers represent the mg of hydrocodone in each pill.
(After teen's wisdom teeth removal)
Mother: Honey, do you need another Lortab or are you doing okay?
Teen: I need another one
Mother: Are you sure? Only take it if you have alot of pain
Teen: ya my teeth hurt really bad and i cant get to slepe
Mother: OK honey, heres your Lortab!
Teen: *Hell yes* *2 hours later, "holy shit i cant feel my legs, and my feet have a pulse".
by mr. pharmy July 28, 2008
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its a pill thats like a zannex or a strong pain pill
the pill lor tab makes you feel good and relieved from pain but if you dont have pain you just get high
by JinX aka DoTTi August 02, 2006
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