co curriculum activities: another way of saying after school detention but with activities you may or may not like
fuck cca
by very much dictionary June 24, 2020
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Type a response paper of cca. 2-3 pages.
by CatStew March 19, 2017
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Officially the Combine Civil Authority, more well known among the civil populace as the Metropolice or Civil Protection, are the law-enforcing, citizen-beating, rebel-executing police force of the HL2 games and it's Garry's Mod Roleplay Gamemodes.
Bob Good says "Man, I just really can't stand all the oppression, you know?"
Drake Rodarthe says "Shh! I wouldn't say that too loud, you're not gonna want the CCA to hear that. They're gonna beat you to a pulp."
by JohnShiertYT May 29, 2021
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Cut and come again. Common slang for a one night stand.

Also a known acronym in the agricultural sector.
"Man the other night I picked this chick up in town, I totally did a CCA on her"
by Lxguru July 17, 2012
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A hellhold where kids stay for 8 hours and almost die from tiredness and boardom.
Cca schools is the worst place for my kid to go to
by Pu55y5layer9000 December 11, 2017
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Hella fucking Annoying only sings disney songs especially during Lunch
You know who you are
Ayooo Disney Girls in CCA stfu
by Gohegoki January 22, 2020
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