A person who can be recognized as a nerd or loser before saying a single word

The word can be used as an exclamation to alert others that a person approaching or nearby is a loser without saying so.

The exclamation can be used to point out when someone, a friend or not, has said something corny or not funny.
Most hwas in high school aspire to attend Carnegie Mellon University.

Jon Ng: Hey Guys! I have a pet corgi!
by Hwaranya Maruuuuu September 28, 2006
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Hoes with Attitude, a group that emerged after NWA blew up
HWA was a rip-off of NWA, obviously, but was still signed to Eazy E's Ruthless Records
by Lil' Pimpin' June 13, 2006
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a form of "what"; an exclamation.
girl: i'm pregnant... with ur baby
boy: HWA?!?!?!?
by jenny September 28, 2003
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An inner sense of confidence and attractiveness that manifests itself externally.
My hwa is totally flying at half-mast. None of the ladies have been checking me out today.
by Luddoo July 21, 2005
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hwa yang yeon hwa (commonly abbreviated to hyyh) is the romanization of the korean words: the most beautiful moment in life. it is the name of the trilogy albums made by bts, exploring the transition into adulthood, and also the story of seokjin's journey to reconnect him and his friends with their youthful selves.

the hyyh albums explore many different themes (part 1 touches on the struggles of youth, part 2 touches on its adventures, and part 3 is a combination of the two), but it's the music videos that tell most of the story. two of the leading singles (run and i need u) have very engaging and heartwrenching plots that are not only connected to eachother, but the whole concept of the hyyh era.

this has resulted in many fan theories, and a webtoon made by bighit that goes into further detail of the storyline. i recommend you check it out, because not only does this era resonate deeply with armys, but was also what won bts their first win on sbs mtv.
"my favourite mv from hwa yang yeon hwa era is fire, wby?"
by KOOKDAY June 20, 2020
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Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, or HYYH, is the romanisation of the original Chinese expression “花樣年華” and the equivalent of the Korean “화양연화”. The original expression literally translates to “the age of blossoms”, but a more accurate definition would be “golden years” - referring to a memory or time period in life which felt perfect and dream-like.

The expression is now most commonly used in relation to BTS’ 2015-2016 album and habitually abbreviated to “HYYH”, whose title they translated to “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” to communicate this sentiment. They use the expression to describe the bright happiness and excitement of young adulthood, including growing up, becoming independent, finding forever friends and discovering oneself, as well as falling in love.
“I loved BTS’ Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Part 1! I Need U was my favourite track.”
“Same, such a good album! I love how they used a traditional Chinese expression to convey their feelings of nostalgic bliss. They really put their whole selves into their music!”
by agustdsupremacy December 1, 2022
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Did you hear about Bruce's HWA? 45 stitches needed!
by SausageTherapy March 21, 2019
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