A narcissistic term used to described humans' perceptions of themselves. Can be used Ironically.
Nothing says "humane leadership" like Stalin's iron regime.
by BlueT September 30, 2017
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An alternative spelling for the word human, allegedly used by dogs as some members of the species Canis Lupus mistakenly adopted this spelling from an organization named the Humane Society, with which the said species historically had positive relations.
Human: Do you want to go for a walk?
Dog: Yes, yes, humane, I needs to poo. Lemme out!
by Avisottda April 22, 2017
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characterized by an unfaltering need to support indoctrination without respect to logic, fairness, or utility
Your church's humane treatment of children and gays has left them both seeking another church's program for behavioural modification in order to return them to their humane principles.
by nerfquark April 09, 2009
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This word usually means to be passionate, caring, and ethical. But can also mean to act human, you can say "This is acting humane." or, "He/She's acting humane."
"My sim acts so humane"
"This robot is so humane!"
Saying hello humanes though..That wouldn't work of course.
by Urana October 19, 2017
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