huk:(adj)- to be horrible, to suk at something, garbage, weak as fuk. commonly used in the sacramento and the bay area.
-Natomas highs football team iz hella (huk)!!!
-I know bruh, they coach must be zooted for running that play
-Shyt ima go to deer valley high school next year, in antioch
-hell yeah i heard that skoo b shmackin...
-fuk naw, thats skoo iz hella (huk), n i aint tryna get shot.
by jr_inc. January 27, 2010
Quite possibly the best Starcraft player in the world. He lives in Korea and plays protoss. He won season 1 in the GSL, and is known for making creative builds. Probably his most famous build is the carrier rush.
OMGF HuK! :D sign my nipples you own at starcraft too much
by qwertle April 25, 2011
exlamation of amazement or happiness
huk huk huk dood my ugly fat cuzzin isnt cummin ova tho otay?
by ihavenolegs June 24, 2003
a huk is one that steals your shit and pretends to help you find it
"that mofuckin huk.. ima steal her in the face!!"

"that huk.. took my jeans, i saw her today"
by Davidson intelligent ones November 1, 2004
A noise one commonly makes with Tourettes Syndrome. Involuntary tics that can be accented and twisted from the word "hi".
Huk huk hii hii!


(in 2 second outburst with varying levels of loudness)
by I. Chan September 25, 2007
Huk Fishing Shirts are a sign of a spoiled white boy who disrespects their mother, such as calling her by her first name. If someone wears nearly exclusively Huk Fishing Shirts then they might also be gay or have a small penis. They also think they are the best st football even if they have never actually played football.
1.OMG, Look, they're wearing Huk Fishing Shirts, they must disrespect their mom
2. Ooh, Huk Fishing Shirts sorry no thanks, I'm not gay
3. He thinks he's so good he's not even on the team; He probably wears Huk Fishing Shirts
4. No small penis here, I don't wear Huk Fishing Shirts
by (.)(.)bøöBż November 6, 2019