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The Capital of California. Any moron who thinks that there's nothing here but agricultural areas has obviously passed judgement before even visiting here. I've lived here my whole life and I ain't ever seen no livestock up in here! why does everyone call it cowtown for? i've never seen any cows here! sactown is underated- it has an awesome nightlife and plenty of other things to do, plus it has a small town feel despite its big city size cuz ppo are more friendly here than in most large cities. and no, sacramento is not in virginia, unless there's a tiny town there by that name that isn't on the map. stop hatin on the kings cuz if ya ask me the lakers suck more!
sacramento is a kick ass city!
by sactowngirl03 May 29, 2005
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a normal city that is really under-rated. people call it cow-town yet in reality i have never seen a cow here before. people think it s small and the people are weird but it actually has many suburbs and communities, just as big or bigger than other fairly sized cities, about the same as San Diego or Portland or Orlando, etc. They also have an NBA team that everyone hates yet this year they actually made it much farther than the team everyone loves, the Lakers. It is predjudiced too much and you should come live here for a while before you criticize it you cheap bastards. LA is gay. Im out
Sacramento is not a cow town. Neither is it small.
by LA sucks May 22, 2005
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1.The capital city of California.
2. One of the fastest growing cities in the US. Population to grow 4 million by the year 2020.
3. Home of the Kings of the NBA.
Sactown hater: Sacramento sucks. it's a cowtown.
Me: You're a fucking moron. You have never been to Sac and know nothing about it so shut the fuck up.
by YouWillNeverKnowMe December 22, 2005
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Sacramento is a really nice place to live. I just moved here couple of years ago from Philly and love this place. People who think this is a small city, they're dead wrong. From Elk Grove to Auburn, Greater Sacramento area will amaze you. Greater Sacramento (Sacramento County, Placer County, Yolo County, El dorado county) is fuckin huge!!! The suburbs, Roseville, Granite Bay, Rocklin etc, are a great place to raise your kids with nice schools. People here really love the Kings, and you wont know what i mean untill you actually go to a game. The weather is nice all year long. There's plenty to for entertainment: Clubs, bars... the whole nine yards. In another 20 years, this metro will be the envy of A LOT of other cities. Ignore all these other idiots here just hating.
by sactofacto May 26, 2006
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Definition: Not to be confused with DAVIS!!!!!!evil monkey has never been to Sacramento. Ghost Town? What the hell is that? There is as much in Sacramento and its surrounding areas as there is in San Diego or L.A. There are tons of clubs, bars, better restaurants, and everybody is moving here. I just moved from San Diego. There is crazy traffic, and no ghosts. Wow, evil monkey must travel here a lot.
by cate April 13, 2005
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City where the most alcohol is consumed in northern California. City where the weekend starts on Wednesday. Only city in california where everyone eats out for every meal.
Does anyone do anything other than drink in Sacramento?
by "shots at the bar" reggie December 10, 2004
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The capital of California. We now have a retard, Nazi Governor doing business there. Also known for excessive use of the word hella, being a "cow town" and having some dank herb.
I was born in Sacramento. I should've stayed, because Los Angeles is a place of moral decline.
by Ghst October 3, 2004
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