When you want to say “heyy” but don’t want to sound greedy.
I texted my crush “hii” so he wouldn’t think I was greedy.
by somebuddyoncetoldmeh August 6, 2018
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used mostly by women that are attracted to a person of the opposite gender that they wanna have sex with
by gamerpro1490741314 February 11, 2022
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HII Means saying hi in a very high pitched voice. You can say HII to friends and family!
by PLLRedCoatOfficial May 10, 2016
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Kyattsuai7's (KyattsuaiVII's) catchphrase.
You have entered chatroom "Zeo 2 4 7"
KyattsuaiVII: hii
by Lonny Mienkcievicz February 4, 2005
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Zeo 24 7 – March 12, 2001

Phoenix Khadgar has entered the room.
Phoenix Khadgar: hey
Phoenix Khadgar: is zeo up yet?
AngurisNeo: hii
AngurisNeo: yes
AngurisNeo: it is for me, anyhow
Kyattsuai7: hii?
AngurisNeo: yeah
AngurisNeo: hii
AngurisNeo: its my trademark hello
MoltresY2K has entered the room.
MoltresY2K: HAHAHA
Phoenix Khadgar: i thought it was a typo rolls eyes
AngurisNeo: used only to greet khadgar, and only this once
Kyattsuai7: what?
MoltresY2K: almost 80k hits :-)
MoltresY2K: Wahahaha
XRocketDDZ has entered the room.
XRocketDDZ: hey
purity number 1: hi rocky
Phoenix Khadgar: Konnichiwa rocky-chan :-)
Kyattsuai7: hii

…and the rest is history =^n.n^=

(thanks to kyattsuai for the log!)

alternate spellings: hï, hi² and i believe hi~
Uni: Hey there everyone!
Versi: Hey!
Centrycorn: hii
by John Doe December 11, 2004
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A very common word amongst a certain type of Scottish youths hiy (h-eye) is a replacement for the word aye, developed from the sound which is created when one quickly inhales when saying 'aye'. Often used by apprentice joiners, brikies, fishermen, and teauchters. The word often adds no more meaning to the sentence but rather an excited tone and can replace the use of an exclamation mark. Often repeated more than once at the same time and followed by a high pitched laugh.
'Jobs fucked hiy'

'hiy look at that size of that fish hiy 🤪'

Joe 'whats on tonight hiy?'

Fraser 'nothing yet hiy'
by Capsoff123 November 9, 2019
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