When ur name starts with R you are the hottest girl and will probaly date someone with a name that starts with G,T,U, or maybe even F
When ur the hottest girl you can move ur body also when ur the hottest girl u will have fun
by Simp James November 24, 2020
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Paige:she is the prettiest girl i know she is smart and loves owls

Soren:is the cutes girl I know she is so pretty and her laugh is so cute

I love you guys -Ry
They are the hottest girls
by Poiuyyyttrgsh hvxusiv55 January 21, 2019
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A new, as yet financially volatile, money making bonanza or scheme
Since I don't know much about bitcoin I'll call it the hottest girl in the class, at least for now.
by Sexydimma May 23, 2021
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the as yet financially untested, new, current, money making bonanza/scheme
Bitcoin is the hottest girl in the class as of now. Don't jump on the hottest girl in the class bandwagon without realizing how it might affect your financial future.
by Sexydimma May 24, 2021
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Girl that dilligently works in a tattoo/piercing parlor, underpayed,and under appreciated and is stunninglee beautiful.
Mel,congratulations for being next months featured hottest shop girl in inked!
by johnnie777 October 19, 2009
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My mother. She's got a badonkadonk that is 32 inches around the first cheek and 31 around the other.
Damn she is your mother, don't be saying that.
But she's the hottest freaken girl ever.
by Poopsmith February 27, 2003
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