a state of well-being, state of plenty - derived after a famous country/western serial in which everything ended joyfully, and the mood was all-happy
oh, you should have come, it was a beach bunny bonanza, bikinis every where you looked. oh boy!
by U8IK January 14, 2007
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5 guys on 1 girl. one guy in the vagina, 1 in the ass, one in the mouth and 1 in each hand. when every guy is done they all yell bonanza and hit the girl on the back of the head to knock her out
Josh: that was a crazy night
Eric: ya that was fun
Frank: but there was only one girl
ET: bonanzas are fun though
Jamie: that one was awesome
Sam: what bonanaza? i dont remember that
by JoLeRa August 02, 2007
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when one acts stupidly on their first date
"Gosh Jane, you just acted like a bonanza head!"

Or: Wasn't that a TV show?
by Little Joe April 10, 2004
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