Soren is an amazing person to be honest. He may act kinda hard on the outside but deep down he’s a huge softie. He cares for people like no other. He always helps people with there problems and make sure that everyone else is all right but he rly need to make sure that he’s alright. He has this amazing personality. You can really talk to them about anything. They’re extremely funny. If a Soren falls in love with you consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. They love like no other, they always make sure your alright and they love talking to you. They’ll put you ahead of everybody else and if he sees you upset he’ll try his hardest to cheer you up and make sure you feel better. He’s truly one of the best kind of people you’ll ever meet. If you meet a Soren treat him with care and make sure he has reassurance if he likes you bec they overthink sometimes. They’re fun people to hang out with and you’ll always have a blast with them. They have the most beautiful eyes that you could just stare into and get lost in and their smile has to be the beautiful thing ever. They truly have no flaws except they can sometimes be a little stubborn. But they’re truly perfect just the way they are and they should never change. They’ll have you feeling different than anybody else and even if they don’t always show their emotions it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. They tend to fall for people who are very similar to them. They usually go through a lot and deserve the world.
Friend: Hey, why are you smiling at your phone so much?
Girl: It’s Soren, he jus told me I’m beautiful. Man I really love this kid, I cant lose him.
Friend: Girl you there’s so many other fish in the sea he ain’t that special.
Girl: Yes he is special and there may be other fish in the sea but he’s my mfing fish.
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An amazing guy that’s down to earth, tells you like it is, sweet, kind, and just the best all around!
He’s the funniest guy you’ll ever meet, and the most fun
He’s also the sexiest motherfucker I’ve ever seen

Cute as a button though
by Madderhorn22 August 9, 2020
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Soren is the most bubbly, amazing guy anyone can meet.

Very sweet, thoughtful, and hilarious, his personality lights up a room and makes everyone happy.

Surrounded by lots of friends, everyone wants to know him, and is lucky to know him.

Very popular, attracts a lot of attention.

Any girl is extremely lucky to date him.

Has a strange obsession with Nicolas cage pictures.

Has an adorable laugh and smile.
Margaret: Soren has swag.

Maya: I fucking love that kid.
by picolascage November 15, 2013
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An awesome guy who holds doors open for every person even if he doesn't know them. Loves the German language. Treats all people with respect, especially women. You can never tell what they're thinking but you always know that its good.
Person:"What are you doing???"
Soren:"You'll find out soon enough"
by up_above_you February 3, 2010
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Soren is the most loyal friend or boyfriend you can ever have, He is most likely to fall in love with an Ava or a Julie. He is awsome, outgoing and bubbly. Chances are he has brown hair and likes to fly, he fly's for his dreams. He likes a girl with beauty and anyone with brown short hair or blonde hair in general.
"Look at that boy, he's so nice!"

"I bet hes a soren!"
by Mrs.Tomboyo September 14, 2017
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Soren is Ironman, He won the lottery nine times. He won publishers clearing house and the nobel peace prize. He helped millions and millions of people. He is the white horseman of the apocalypse. He loves you. He is succesful at everything he does. He always wins, even when he loses. He gets mad checks all the time. He is helpful and insightful. he has the greatest of friends. he is extremely lucky at all games of chance. Some say he could move mountains just by yelling at them. Soren has special dna which magnetizes Gold Platinum and super hot chicks. Soren might change his name. Soren is a model Dad who bought his daughter Cake 3 Pony's
Soren is better then a supersoaker at getting me wet
by Sap ... 13th September 1, 2015
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Soren is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He will help out others if they're in need. The best friend one can ask for, and the best boyfriend a girl could wish for. He's always there for you and will listen to anything you have to say. Your opinion matters to him and he will make you his number one priority, calling you cute names and making sure you have a great day, even when you're far apart.
Person A: Why are you so happy all of a sudden?

Person B: Soren messaged me, duh. How can I not be happy about that?
by squished_oreos December 30, 2021
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