1. Evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures.

2. That can be readily vaporized.

3. Tending to violence; explosive, as of behavior.
1. Although mercury doesn't evaporate at normal temperatures, some would call it volatile, since it is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.

2. Water is quite volatile, since I can vaporize it whenever I want.

3. When I got into an argument with my friend, Brian, I became quite volatile.
by Diana Stephens October 31, 2004
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Volatile is a property matter has, this property is usually placed on liquids but exceptions for solids can be made as well: such as dry ice. A volatile liquid/solid evaporates at room temperature, it does not have to evaporate fully like boiling water or any boiling matter. Just as long as it evaporates a little it has the "volatile" property even though the degree will vary. This is caused by low intermolecular forces within the matter, low intermolecular forces also cause high vapor pressures.
Student: "Why does my glass of water evaporate over time?"
Professor: "Yikes, you mean you don't know and your in AP Chem? Because water is volatile. Is that cool or what?"
by Mr.ITCOW December 18, 2007
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Since Jeff is volatile don't tell him yet that you scratch his car.
by Gerard Irick October 04, 2010
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Likely to explode at any minute. In this case, premature ejaculation upon presentation of a mirror or tape recorder.
"Hey you sexy beefcake, you look like you could use some creatine"

by Iscaw February 17, 2003
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Hi kids do you like violence?
Volatile is another word for violence.
I invented violence you vile venonmous volatile bitches!!!
by RandyK December 11, 2006
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A man (questionable) who cant even midair his own girlfriend, when she is yelling JUMANJI
"Our flag is secure!"
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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