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When a girl sucks your dick after eating something spicy.
My dick burnt after that bitch gave me hot head.
by yung soldado November 13, 2014
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in the Caribbean the definition of "hothead" is one who gets really angry, "pissed" or agitated very quickly and easily and if messed around with or you pick trouble with is ready for any thing(like fights)
john: wow kristie and avril are real hotheads

nicholi:yup especially avril.... thats my girl

john: i mean they took on like 7 girls alone

nicholi: lol
by Avrianna June 04, 2009
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a person easily angered, emotion gets the best of them, fights alot, screams very loudly infront of people, acts wild infront of populated area not concerned about whos watching, the first one to die.
this character over here is screaming his head off infront of jack astors because someone accidentaly pushed him trying to get through the door what a hothead.
by Barack Bin laden August 15, 2012
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a term or phrase that is popular in the dancehall

slang for a “bad man” or gangster some one who is over confident always look good and never back down from a fight and a real hustler with a short temper
neva diss ah real hothead

real hothead could neva be cat

real hothead could neva seh no to pussy
by kayle54 July 23, 2009
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1. getting so much attention you let it get to your head and you become full of yourself.

2. letting people give you attention so much that you become accustomed to it
Ever since shes been going out with Josh, she's been on that hot head status.

When she got her extensions in, she became a big ass hot head!

Shawday cute but she a hot head
by james172839 January 08, 2011
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Someone who has a hot or goodlooking head. A word normally used as a compliment towards someone of the opposite gender.
Wowee she has a hothead.
by EffectiveTeaching September 02, 2017
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