A simple exclamation of happiness when something sensical will not do. It is an obscure reference to both Mexicans (though not hateful) and some sort of food.

If one were ever to open a hot chilies stand, it would have to be served out of gondola. Why? It just does, even though it makes no sense. It's logical in an illogical way. To panhandle this food, one would yell, "Gondola hot chilies for sale!"
An Example Conversation

John: "Wow, this is fun!"
Chris: "Yeah it is."
(awkward silence)
Andrew: "Hot chilies!"
John: "Gondola hot chilies..."
Andrew: "... for sale"
Chris laughs.
by John February 15, 2004
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A hot chili pot is the act of taking a shit in a public toilet, once done, the shitter flushes the toilet and all the shit and toilet paper clogs the toilet causing it to fill to the brim. The shit water stays at an elevated level in the pot until some poor bastard comes in to unclog it. The pot creates a foul stinch that will let anyone enter the restroom know that a hot chili pot has been brewed and ready for gagging.
The manager at Sears was extemely pissed when he was told to clean up the hot chili pot that had been stewing for the last 24 hours in the men's room.
by Wun Hung Lo January 12, 2006
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Definition 1.)
Somebody who has an always angry, or spicy, attitude towards other people when they get mad, but cools off rather quickly and plead for forgiveness.

Definition 2.) Cold hot sauce
For definition one
Person 1: He kept yelling at me for about 15 minutes, then he cooled down and started saying that hes sorry.
Person 2: Looks like he's not hot chili sauce.
Person 1: You can say that again.
For definition two
Person 1: I can't believe that Rooster Sauce was so fucking cold!
Person 2: I guess it's not hot chili sauce.
by Treecko666 November 11, 2015
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Originating in the 80s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the first bands ever to mix cool raps with some punk and heavy metal, along with great guitar solos. Authors of the famous under the bridge (widely mistaken as city of angels), the Red Hot Chili Peppers were influencial to many styles today, including groups such as the stone temple pilots, and even rage against the machine.
Flea has amazing bass solos!
by brett June 13, 2003
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Chili peppers that are red and also hot. Often used in Mexican dishes.
"Oh my God, I just ate some Red Hot Chili Peppers! Now my mouth is on fire!"
by james sawyer ford May 21, 2008
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The Band:
Anthony Kiedis (Vocals: 1983-Present)
Flea (Bass Guitar: 1983-Present)
Jack Sherman (Guitar: 1984-1985)
Hillel Slovak (Guitar: 1983, 1985-1988)
Duane McKnight (Guitar: 1988)
John Frusciante (Guitar: 1989-1992, 1998-Present)
Zander Schloss (Guitar: 1992)
Arik Marshall (Guitar: 1992)
Jesse Tobias (Guitar: 1993)
Dave Navarro (Guitar: 1993-1998)
Jack Irons (Drums: 1983, 1986-1988)
Cliff Martinez (Drums:1984-1986)
DH Peligro (Drums: 1988)
Chad Smith (Drums: 1989-Present)

“If anyone decides to make a Red Hot Chili Peppers biopic, the most apt title has already been taken by M Night Shyamalan: Unbreakable. The tagline they could filch from Nietzsche: what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger”. So wrote Q magazine in 2002 just before the release of the critically acclaimed By The Way album. This album marked a turning point in the history of this band, as it was the moment when they finally turned their back on the bass-oriented music of their past, and moved forward in a way that seemed impossible to those who had been long-time fans of the band. This was not only due to the fact that it was musically so different to the blistering, George Clinton led, and in some cases produced, funk rock of their early albums, but also because it seemed for a long time that the Red Hot Chili Peppers simply could not possibly exist over 20 years after their formation. After all, any band that had been through 8 guitarists, 4 drummers, and more drug problems than any group could reasonably expect to survive, surely couldn’t be at the peak of its popularity after over 20 years of existence, could it? The answer, as demonstrated by the band’s massive series of concerts over this summer, is a resounding yes.
Red Hot Chili Peppers Rocks My Socks!!!!!!!
by Tayla October 17, 2004
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