A light flat-bottomed boat used on Venetian canals, having a high point at each end and worked by one oar at the stern.
Another meaning is the seating compartment in a ski lift.
When I went to the Vatican city in Rome, I enjoyed a wonderful time on gondolas.
by Oliviana123 April 4, 2015
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The method of transportation between the popular ship, Jogan, or Julian Larson-Armstrong and John Logan Wright III, from the popular fanfiction Dalton written by CP Coulter.

Members of the gondola are diehard Jogan shippers who often use the term "I will go down with this ship" to show their love for Jogan.

The gondola is the sign of Jogan.
My other car is a gondola
I am aboard the Jogan Gondola
by stargleekwhofighter August 17, 2011
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A drink made while intoxicated using anything you can find around the appartment, originally a mixture of milk, vodka, chocolate syrup and sugar packets.
Hey, lets make some gondolas, hand them out at the elementary school and watch the 3rd graders get fucked up
by ak1ra07 May 23, 2003
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You can use this word for anything in a sentence.
Your invited to the surprise gondola.
Hey did you see that new car called the gondola.
Aww sweet that food over there looks freaking awesome whats it called.

Its called gondola.
That race over their looks like they are practicing thier cultural background gondolaism.
Go gonda yourself.
by Rave monkey28 May 4, 2010
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A cute, small, brown thing, that has no arms, and a mustache. Gondola is a traveler and is popular in eastern Europe where he is often depicted as a Doomer. He is also the son of Kommando Store.
"Gondola has seen a lot of stuff in his travels, especially in Europe."
by Hanz The Scholar March 28, 2023
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The gondola is a the transportation for the Jogan/light ship from popular glee fan-fiction Dalton by Cp coulter.

People who board the ship are known as Gondoliers and they will do anything to protect their ship.

You will be welcomed aboard with Coffee
Welcome aboard the Gondola.
I will go down with this Gondola.
by ArrabellaSmith August 17, 2011
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A sexual position where a man lays on his back. One woman gets in the cowgirl position, while another woman sits on his face. The two women face each other, while another man places his erecr penis between their faces for them to perform a double blowjob.
We swapped with this other couple and performed the gondola.
by swingerduo February 28, 2020
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