Nickname for Los Angeles, California
In Spanish, "Los Angeles" means city of angels
Im from the city of angels, aka LA, California
by urbanhurtin September 21, 2008
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1.) Wow the city of angels is having another earthquake.
2.) Dude, I love listening to City of Angels.
by Michael Mittelman July 23, 2006
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LA is called( city of angels ) because night Devil's with black hearts chase ho's with chastity belts.
friday night city of angels the city never sleeps, rampart div my name is friday badge 714
I was working night watch. duty register shows 14 arests street walkers,
it seams the ho's were wearing chastity belts,
only way a girl can remain a angel in ( city of angels )....
by itichie_nocanpo September 12, 2006
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Los Angeles, California. Also L.A. or city of angels. A city that is filled with tragic people looking for money and fame, usually ending up in drugs or gangs. Most diverse city in U.S. especially with Latin-American people.
by martha March 25, 2004
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The fourth book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

The book is about one of the main characters, Clary Fray, training to become a Shadowhunter and finally having Jace Wayland after crossing a lot of obstacles in the previous books. However, things start to go wrong.
Person 1: Have you read the new Mortal Instruments book?
Person 2: You mean City of Fallen Angels? Yeah, it's great!
by FlushedToilet April 24, 2011
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