21 definitions by milkshake

a strange little girl that haunts hillary duff day and night. lizzie mcguire is hillary duffs worst nightmare.

the thing that makes teenage girls run around naked
Hillary: aaww man Im having my period!
Lizzie: hah hah look at you and your std's
Hillary: please quit making fun of me!
by milkshake January 21, 2005
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having an orgasm in the back of a dark movie theatre
" during that movie spongebob me and christina hopped aboard mr rampy's ship of dreams!"
by milkshake December 14, 2004
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A horrible channel that puts out crappy 3:00 pop songs and calls it music. Has effectively destroyed much of americas youth. The only good show they have ever had or ever will have is wildboys.
Everyone I know has became a wigger, Mtv must be stopped!!!

by milkshake March 27, 2005
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The lone star state, a state with a soul of a nation. A state that doesnt give a fuck what yankees, hicks from colorado, or faggs from Califronia think. The population of Texas is on the rise. This states economy is in boom. So all the dumb teenyboppers from boring states that watch queer mtv and think their real smart better shut the fuck up. George Bush is embarrasing and a dumbass so fuck him and dont stereotype us. Texas is on the rise so as for those other states we dont give a fuck!
Stereotyping is a sign of ignorance.

Howdy! I am from Texas and I make big motherfucking bucks!

I am Texan before american!
by milkshake February 16, 2005
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This kick-ass movie that Ali G my main man piched in Hollywood.
I watched the Spyz movie and then next time I had sex I found myself saying work, work, work.
by milkshake March 27, 2005
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