The stinch is the lowest form of existence. There can only be one stinch in the universe. The Stinch can reach the age of 40 and still have problems crapping thier pants. The stinch can still be annoying from a dstance of 2 miles. Once one has seen the stinch he/she has gained a new meaning to the words "filthy, nasty, stanky, disgusting, and annoying.
That Nathan is a stinch. He is undescribeale except for the word stinch.
by Turdmoe May 18, 2005
A stinch is a person to have on your team. They show good sportsmanship, team leadership, and get rallies started. They're clutch in tough situations, and modest in moments of glory or celebration.
Adam's the top stinch on this team. He always shows up early to help the new players with batting practice and knows how to get on base.
by stinch June 19, 2015
to poke or pierce a hot food with a sharp object such as a fork to speed the cooling process.
My mother stinched my hot dog so I could begin eating sooner.
by Ncspetz March 25, 2009
A vagina with a foul odor.
I hooked up with some nasty stinch last night.
by Alpine1989 January 17, 2009
Using mega dildos to cause vaginal prolapse
i have a mega stinch
by the tonk god December 18, 2020
A vaginal prolapse due to the excessive use of mega dildos
Kevin said to his girlfriend Amelia: let's give you a stinch
by the tonk god December 16, 2020
A girl who has sex with many partners in the course of a week without taking a shower, nor feels the need for one. Hard to distinquish between day old clams and fish bait left out in the sun.
DAMN...that Lola's been serviceing the armed forces again! You can smell that stinch queen clear down by the boats!
by Digger July 11, 2005