To shoot somebody with a gun; shooting in such a manner that the target is either dead as a doorknob or unable to walk away.
Did you hear that Bernie in Seattle got hosed down last week?

I so want to hose down that dumb stupid enemabag, but I don't want to go to jail.
by Telephony September 14, 2010
Shot with a gun; either mortally or to the point of where the shooting victim is totally incapacitated.
Hey Mike, did you hear that Chris in Juneau got hosed down a couple of days ago?
by Telephony November 29, 2011
1(One) male engaging in intimate acts with 5(Five), or more, homosexual females in a raging sextuplet of passion.
Bill: "One second guys, I gotta hose down the horses"
Bob: "Score!"
Joe: "w00t"
by frenzical July 8, 2009
When you use a motor-driven camera so that you can get rapid sequence of multiple shots of a celebrity—that's a digital hose down.
"Britney got the digital hose down from the National Enquirer dude when she showed up at court again."
by Spocklette April 4, 2008
To unleash the contents of your swinging plums over a female's breasts (nipples to be specific)
Smeaton, you still seeing that bird? Yes, I hosed down her buttons last night
by Horsing von Gam July 1, 2009
friendly thugs get out your chairs and beautiful low down woman get down on the flo. Guy laying back, girl giving dome.
Come on guys, stop lampin, geez up hose down!
by emote June 21, 2010
Man: "Bitch! I'm gonna HOSE YOU DOWN."

Bitch: "Whaat? So you're gonna jizz on me?"

by kylevincejoechris September 7, 2008