A can of non-cheapass beer
I boosted a hoolie for later, some crazy german brew with gold foil
by King Biff December 7, 2004
'you have been hoolied' or 'hoolie'
by Bix August 25, 2005
Slang for Hawaiian Natives. Due to them calling us Howlies (which I dont know what that means but I am sure its bad) We call them Hoolies due to the Hoola Dancing Ruits.
Hawaiian Native: "Hey Howlie go back to the valley."
Non-Hawaiian Native: "Whatever Hoolie, learn how to share a wave, they dont belong to you."
by Lucas June 14, 2006
Used in slang as another term for the word "Fool". People would say "Fooli" which later became "Hooli", created by a UK student called Nisha.
"Oyee John you Hooli!"
by Nishizzle August 31, 2006
a Protestant wake, predominantly in Northern Ireland
that was a great hoolie, it's what he would have wanted
by juniormint April 25, 2009
Aussie version of "Holy Moly" or variants. Slightly archaic/rural (read: Westie/Bogan etc), but still sometimes used by kids in front of Authorities. Also spelt "hoolEy doolEy"
"Hooly dooly ! That was close Constable/Headmaster! "
by Bronteboy January 9, 2012
Man walks in and the wind blows his door shut. "It's blowing a hoolie out there!"
by mrperson123 January 15, 2018