An Irish get together, party in a small place. Usually a residence.
Come over to the hoolie At Mary's place.
by hdrider67 February 15, 2008
A strong wind. Doesn't have to be storm force, just a strong wind that sways big trees.
by SouthPawPaul July 26, 2010
A word that can be used as any other word
Valeria: You're such a hoolie! (stupid)

Chloe: I know.

Chloe: Where were you last night?
Valeria: I went back to my Hoolie. (house)
Chloe: Oh I see.
by Douglas Da Bincis jr. September 5, 2019
Is a annual gathering of family and friends.
Hey are you going to slick's for the hoolie this year?
by Chowsky July 7, 2019
a gang in cleveland ohio know as choppa gang,108th,money ave,w-5,purple city,pa,93rd and bang gang.
gucci:ay what happen last night

ant:them hoolies niggas shot up lake view and zone 7
by choppagang March 24, 2009
a well know gang in cleveland ohio from 93rd and st clair to 108th also reffered to as bang gang or gully gang or jack boys
Steve:Some hoolies ran throuh the Ambassadors club last night and beat up every nigga from the view.

Vonte:What is the view again?

Steve:Those niggas from Lakeview.
by stclairsfinest March 25, 2008
Unreasonably strong winds, generally in excess of force 7.
Its blowin a hooly out there.
by Jb July 21, 2003