Don't ignore her. She is a really quiet girl,but her personality is amazing. She is antisocial and shy, but once she makes some friends they never want to leave her. She is incredibly pretty but always thinks negative. She is nice and wants good for everyone but herself. Under her shell is this person you have never met. She is amazingly pretty, but people deny it to seem cool. She also has a nice body under all the innocent clothes she wears. She might be quiet, but once you insult her, you will regret it. Her roasts will make you think about you existence.
P1: Go kill yourself you embarrassment
Nisha: Trust me I want to, especially with a person like you existing in this world
by NJUzimaki420 March 23, 2017
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Nisha is a down to earth girl. Nisha usually comes across as an aggressive character. She will always try her hardest to love and protect her family, friends and if needed her other half. Also Nisha loves to party. She is a funny character. Reasonably pretty but is extremely vain. She loves to try new things and doesn't accept anybody opinions, Whatever she says or even does is entirly up to her.
No matter how much Nisha hurts she will never tell anybody how she feels unless they mean something o her and even then its unlikely.
Nisha is a fairly gullible character but is smart and outgoing.
She pulled a nisha at that party the other night.
by YouCanCallMeBatman. December 25, 2014
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Meaning 'Night',a word descending from indian origin.Also means admired and beloved.Based upon a a fable of a maiden with a a terrible past,someone thats forever broken
"The past of a Nisha is always terrible"
by Alissia21 December 22, 2012
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Indian Goddess of the night and a defender of the womb. The name of a woman every other woman is jealous of because she can eat an entire cake without gaining an ounce. Gregarious, beautiful and gives the naughty no-no finger to careless drivers texting. Intelligent and a fierce defender of her "babies".
Give that reckless driver a Nisha.
by nrsvyz July 02, 2013
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(adj.) Awesome, kick-ass, superrrrr, unbelievably attractive.
(noun) An awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, unbelievably attractive person.
(verb) To be, or act of being, awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, and unbelievably attractive.
(adverb) "Nishaly" ; see adjective + ly
"Without Nisha, it's just aweso."
by God Almighty Supreme December 02, 2007
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Cough cough, ok. She is a smart girl. Nisha loves BTS, she is quiet and can't insult people in real life but only through messages. She gets surprisingly good grades and is super short. She loves a guy named Avi and is too afraid to date him. Andd that's pretty much all i have to say!

P.S: I guess i have to be nice and say that she's a really nice person who helped me through tough times in 2019. She is also a real softie and can't hurt a fly.
"Woah you see that really short girl over there?"
"Yeah! She's definitely a Nisha"
by DatNiceDude(: March 25, 2019
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A girl who be wid it
Also, she must use Purell before washing the dishes
Dayum, that gurl Nisha BE WID IT!
by SahilGupta69 June 11, 2013
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