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Favorite interjection of The Fonz.
Richie: Fonzie, I think you should lay off the crack.
Fonz: A!
by Lucas December 20, 2004

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Anybody who likes Bush, drinks beer(a lot)and walks around in town with a 12gauge,shootin' everything that moves.Oh and ,has a red neck
Hey!! Everybody...look at that fuckin' redneck.

BAM!BAM! Die mofo!
by Lucas December 19, 2004

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A cat themed variation on a happy face (usually ^_^). The equal sign indicates whiskers.
Yay, James finally dumped that skanky ho Melissa, now he'll stop being a douche! =^_^=
by Lucas April 10, 2005

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man your moms a milf
by Lucas April 24, 2005

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Magical joy-giving substance made of most mysterious reagents. Often coupled with water in cauldron bubble to unleash the power of the joy.
Double, double, ramen and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
by Lucas November 04, 2003

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The man all girls are attracted to.
He's such a jerk, yet all the girls go for him!
by Lucas April 18, 2004

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shit art
"man that huge sculpture in front of the AT&T building is total shart"
by lucas March 14, 2004

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