A silly ass ho who wanders the earth like a lost puppy
look at that hoolie hoo trick over there dont even know where she at.
by wash2020 July 18, 2009
*****a weed joint *****
don't bogart the hooly stick
by honeybee August 5, 2006
a trick ass mark, a mark ass trick, a skeezer, a scally wag, a scally wop.... all of the above... popularized by the chappelle's show skit called, "the player hater's ball".
that hooli hoop ran off without finishing last night!
by Lil' J June 6, 2007
A use of a substance or a mixture of many substances used to manufacture fake crack cocaine.
Ex1. Dre has the best hoolie goolie in town. The smokers dont know till the pipe turn black.
Ex2. That nigga down the street sold me some hoolie goolie that just popped a bitch hootie!
by Jessethatrackstar November 29, 2016
the legendary prophet of the beer god who is also a maverick with the ladies.
Holy crap, that drunk guy over there with all the ladies must be none other than Hoolie Krotch.
by peter beater April 16, 2008
Irish for boogie time, to have a hoolie bop; to have a good time and dance the night away with some chums.
It's my birthday let's go for a hoolie bop!!!
by rq123nt4u November 8, 2019