A corruption of the word Haole, Hawaiian slang for foreigner. Usually applied only to Caucasian people. Not necessarily derogatory, depends on context.
If you look up Haole on urban dictionary and spell it Howlie, you are probably a Haole.
by centropie December 7, 2009
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Term used by locals in the state of Hawaii (usually not with a scrap of Hawaiian ancestry, usually Fillipino or darker-skinned) to refer to white people who moved to the state/island from the mainland.

It may or may not be meant as an insult. Depends on how it's used, by who, and to who.
I'm a white girl who moved from the east coast to Hawaii. I'm a howlie.

Most 'natives' or locals say howlie to make white people feel bad or guilty or intimidated to be on 'their' land

Most people with Hawaiian decent are really cool and not all use the term Howlie on the whites.

Is your called a Howlie....just ignore it.
by FormerEastCoaster December 23, 2008
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A term for a white person. Especially in Hawaii. Usually a tourist who causes trouble.

It is the equivalent of the black term "cracker"
Hawaiian Native 1: Who robbed the bank yesterday?
Hawaiian Nattive 2: One of those damn Howlies. I think he was from Vegas or something.
by Little Miss President October 30, 2008
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it's spelt HAOLE not howly. only people in hawaii can relate
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
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Same as cracker.Refering to the people that are white.
That white guy is such a howlie.
by bosh March 12, 2005
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A non-derogatory term meaning white person. Often used in Hawaii.
The howly and I used to play racquetball together when we were in our fifties.
by Bungalow Bill December 24, 2001
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a term for idiots who don't know how to spell haole
white guy 1:hey what did that hawaiian guy just call me?
white guy 2: i think he said howlie!! lets define it on urban dictionary!!

white guy 1: yupedydoda!!
by KCID GIB ATTOGu October 21, 2009
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