Honore is an amazing girl who loves to laugh, have fun, is awkward, and will always have your back. She is perfectly imperfect and knows all her flaws and doesn't need people to point them out. She is so pretty and full of life. She loves winning and tries to make everybody she loves happy. She hates drama and hates when people mess with her friends. She loves cracking jokes and eating. If your friends with an Honore then you have a great friend because she will always be there for you so don't loose her.
Man Honore had my back in third period.

Honore took all my food at lunch.
by Glemaker March 17, 2017
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A person who is honourable has great integrity and righteousness about them. They will always do the righteous and correct thing no matter the mental or physical implications to themselves.
Ned Stark always did what he believed to be the right course of action. He was truly honorable, right until his death.
by Honour and Virtue May 19, 2016
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That word Zuko Didn't stop saying for 2 1/2 seasons.
Zuko: I need to capture the Avatar to restore my honor.
Iroh: You've been saying that for 50 episodes Zuko!
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? November 3, 2020
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For Honor is a salty fighting game. The players are delusional and degenerates. If you meet ArturBucio1 in a match.
Just leave the game, dont even bother playing against him. He tryhards so fucking hard that his sweatglands are probably gone by now. If you play for honor, you have a problem. Go talk to someone.
Hey, you wanna play for honor? Nah i dont wanna cause any more pain to myself.
by The Degenerate March 8, 2019
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Something prince Zuko has lost.
“I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor”
by razzleberry-rey October 28, 2020
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A game where fags spam light attacks as Valkyrie and Orochi and fight you while your executing someone like Bitches and also the game where you want to End People Life
by _Luigi_ May 10, 2019
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