For Honor is a salty fighting game. The players are delusional and degenerates. If you meet ArturBucio1 in a match.
Just leave the game, dont even bother playing against him. He tryhards so fucking hard that his sweatglands are probably gone by now. If you play for honor, you have a problem. Go talk to someone.
Hey, you wanna play for honor? Nah i dont wanna cause any more pain to myself.
by The Degenerate March 08, 2019
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A game where fags spam light attacks as Valkyrie and Orochi and fight you while your executing someone like Bitches and also the game where you want to End People Life
by _Luigi_ May 10, 2019
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For Honor is a Medieval combat multiplayer fighting-style skill game. The game received praise on it's release because it was a spectacle of originality and beauty. The game features an ingenious combat system and breath taking graphics but on closer inspection it is known as a half assed broken joke of failed potential. While the fighting system is clever and original the game loses it's shine when you realize how unbalanced it is. many characters are over powered and have extremely limited move-sets. This encourages a very spammy play style where a N00B that constantly spams, dodges, and guard-breaks will always easily overtake a truly skilled player that fights fairly. there are also several stupid game mechanics such as throwing people off cliffs & dodging which is consequence less.

Thus, the game has reached an almost memetic status due to the title being "For Honor" but the game and player-base being ironically, honor-less.
The developers, Ubi-Soft, refuse to listen to the fan base and instead of adding a better variety of moves, and properly reworking the game they instead, add extra paid for content and over nerf characters health, damage, etc without actually fixing them. To make this worse even though the concept and design of the game has wonderfully infinite potential the developers hound anybody that tries to make a game with any remotely similar concept.
And so, we're stuck with a half assed combat game and broken dreams...
Person 1: Hey do you want to play For Honor?
Person 2: Hell no. i deleted that trash. Mortal Kombat is way better!
by Oreo-Belt25 May 12, 2019
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A person who is honourable has great integrity and righteousness about them. They will always do the righteous and correct thing no matter the mental or physical implications to themselves.
Ned Stark always did what he believed to be the right course of action. He was truly honorable, right until his death.
by Honour and Virtue May 19, 2016
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the term someone with the UTMOST thirst uses to court the opposite sex
I would be honored if m'lady would go on a date with me
by honored July 26, 2015
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