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-verb (used with object), -mot-er, -mot·ing.

1. to help or encourage to promote homosexual events
2. one who is promoting a homo erotic festival
3. to aid in organizing homosexual activities
4. an alleged straight male promoting an event/activity which is or may be homosexual in nature
Example 1
Guy 1: Dude, my girlfriend and I went and saw Celine Dion in Vegas and it was amazing! You should totally check it out!

Guy2: You are totally homoting that concert and no straight man would watch a Celine Dion concert.

Example 2
Guy 1: I totally got a swirly straw, fruit, and an umbrella in my virgin raspberry daiquiri, you all should go hurry and get one!

Guy 2: You are such a homoter, I'm getting a rum and coke!
by BigLuvin February 03, 2011
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Homosexual person. Synonyms include: fagmo.
"Hey you! Captain K-Y!" That guy's a total Fucking homote.
by John Griffin February 08, 2004
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term coined by Chris DeBacker meaning 'gay person'
"I'm a homote for not giving Chris credit for the word 'homote', which he made up."
by John Griffin May 12, 2004
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