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(n.) a ruckus or commotion generally exhibiting homosexual tendencies; an outburst of uncontrollable gayness mocked by all who see it
He was so flaming when he walked in the party that he caused quite the homotion.

One of my friends wanted to Chuck me, so I said, "Hey man, stop the homotion!"
by SlivkaWarning April 14, 2010
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When a gorgeous woman walks into a room on a movie and the play it in slow motion.
Josh- "Man I was watching a movie last night and it had so much ho-motion in it. I would have boned them chicks anyday."

Dave- "Nice, I love ho-motion scenes. Especially Baywatch when the boobies are bouncing up and down."
by Brain the Great February 19, 2010
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When someone sleeps their way to the top instead of working for a promotion.
She is such a slut, no way she earned that promotion. It was definitly a ho-motion!
by Denniskeet January 27, 2007
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1. A promotion in the workplace gained by dressing like, acting like, or simply being, a ho.

2. A promotion gained by sleeping with the boss. (may also apply to men)
1. That skirt barely covers her ass, she must be bucking for a homotion.

2. He got himself a homotion by sleeping with Debbie, the head of accounting.
by Kuronekosama December 01, 2007
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Any motion or movement executed by a homosexual.

Also used as in, "Homotion picture" see brokeback mountain
Hey James, did you see all the Homotion happening on the baseball field yesterday? yeah...that was gay.
by Skwerley November 30, 2006
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