A hidden agenda is like an ulterior motive; you or someone else may do something or act a certain way in supposed benevolence, but the real reason you or they actually did that was also for personal gain; not to just help out.
My dad kindly lent me the money to buy my first car, but it turned out he just did that so he could borrow it from me all the time. This new car had a towbar to use with his friends trailer he borrowed, so he could move his stuff out faster. Hence, he only lent me the money so that he could use the car I bought, for himself. That guy is full of hidden agendas.
by HFBBQ February 21, 2008
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The Craig David song that i don't know what the meaning is exactly.
"What you see is what you get
No hidden agenda
So girlfriend when he's playing around
You better remember"
by ozlem April 26, 2007
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A killer line from The Lizzie McGuire movie said by Ungermeyer the beast principal who has a thing for sammies.

Sneaky suck up beyotch.
Ungermeyer: "David Gordon. I think thats Italian for sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda."

A: Heather is such a damn suck up.

B: She's a sneaky little brown nose with a hidden agenda.
by This Feels Right February 09, 2010
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