There are lots of homogeneouses in my chemistry class
by McSqueelibob October 8, 2019
Looks like Homo-geniuses.

Definition: a happy gay couple

Homogeneous is a term in physical chemistry and material science that refers to substances and mixtures which are in a single phase.-Google

Composed of parts or elements that are all of the same
Why do ALL gay couples seem to be rich?

They're homogeneous
by SpicyCheezit May 19, 2016
When describing something that has become less unique and forced to conform to a more predictable set of standards and/or ideas.
"I think the musical immediacy of everything and how the whole globe has been so homogenized, it’s tough for bands out there. I try not to be too critical of what I hear on the radio, because I’ve stood in those shoes before. I know what a nightmare it is when you got stockholders bitching."
by Nick February 14, 2005
Mario games getting milked to a creamy steamy pulp
Person: The "New" Mario games are being homogenized
by makos February 18, 2019
To mix something,even dough,until it becomes well uniform.
To make dough,we need to add flour ,with water mixed with a little spoon of sugar,a pinch of salt,three spoons of olive oil on the mixer,and we homogenize it until it becomes perfectly uniform.
by Toa Pohatu April 20, 2017
the appearence of being gay in every photo a person is in, no matter the expression or pose
"Dude in all these photos you look really gay, you're really homogenic"
by The Dirty Definer December 1, 2008