its not a science class, in fact chemistry class is fucking math. I didn't fucking sign up for fucking math
student 1- man fuck my life
student 2-why
student 1-chemistry class
student 2-is it really that bad
student 1-. 1.00 km (1000 m / 1 km)( 100 cm / 1 m)(1 inch / 2.54 cm) = 3.94 x 104
or 39,400 inches
student 2-the fuck is that
student 1-hell
by it cant be September 29, 2020
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Gay, dumb, bens cooler, bad at chemistry, sucks mr Allen’s pp, sucks gay pp, is gay, retarded, likes men (especially mr Allen), has sexual feelings for mr allen, really bad at Fortnite, sucks at minecraft, never kills the Demi wizard, likes gay people( especially gay men) and his name is trey
by Hvmdcjyf November 28, 2018
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